Monday, July 12, 2010

Six in Six

My oldest son has graduated from college this year. He has also moved back home, (until he finds gainful employment, of course). Being the most organized one in the family, he has decided that my studio needs, to put it mildly, a bit of an updating. So, for the last couple of weeks, he has been coming down here with me, reorganizing, throwing away, putting away, and going through my projects. He told me one day that I shouldn't start anything else until I get all of the ones that I have started finished. I suggested a compromise. I told him I wouldn't start anything new until I finished a few. So, I have decided that I am going to finish six projects in six months. I was going to go for the 12 in 12, but that just seemed so far away.
The first set of blocks are pretty much finished. I won the patriotic hearts in a guild block of the month. I decided to put them all together using a twisted log cabin pattern. I actually won enough blocks to make two quilts. The first top is finished. That one just needs quilted.
The second project is almost finished, it is a take off on this pattern that I saw at a quilt is nice . I use hand dyed fabrics that I purchased from Liberty Homestead . They are most beautiful. I have decided that this one is going to be for me! That's the plan for now anyways!
The third set of blocks is part of a kit that hubby bought when we were in Alaska last year. We went on a cruise of the Northwest Passage, and there was a quilt shop in every port. Bonus!! I want to finish this one for a show that the metro parks hosts every year. The quilt has to have a nature theme to qualify, and this one is perfect.
The fourth picture is a set of blocks that I started for project improv quilt.
The fifth picture is the one block wonder quilt that I took the class for last year. I've got all the hexagons cut out, but need to add some cubed blocks.
Awhile back one of my customers gave me a quilt to finish for her with blocks that looked like these. Can't remember the name of the pattern. I really liked the quilt and thought what a perfect way to use up my scraps. I also used it for my bee balm block, just to make the finishing process go a little faster! Thanks gals!! ;>)
I figure that if I blogged this, it would make me accountable. I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet Sixteen & The Eagles

Sixteen years ago today, the Eagles, (the greatest band in the world, JMHO), were scheduled to perform their "When Hell Freezes Over" concert in Cleveland. One of my girlfriends wanted me to go with her. It was my dream to see The Eagles in concert. I was pregnant with my fifth baby, and it was due on June 20th. I had a feeling it wasn't going to happen because all of my babies ended up being born well past their due dates. She begged me to go, thinking I would have already had this baby. I declined thinking that even if I did have the baby, I really wouldn't be in good enough condition to attend a concert at an outside stadium. Anyways, I thought there'd be another farewell tour sometime! :>)

It just so happened, that on that dark and stormy Friday night, the night of the concert, my little angel was born. I often tease her about making me miss the concert. She just smiles, and knows that I would have rather been no where else that evening.

Happy Birthday my little angel, I love you so.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Story Cloth & Willie Nelson

I am taking an e-course by jude hill. She is the author of a blog named Spirit Cloth . She does most of her work by hand, and her works of art tell all kinds of stories. The name of the class that I am taking is called Story Cloth. We have learned how to create a base, and add components for stories of our own. So far, this is the base for my story. We learn by asking lots of questions. I was having a hard time coming up with a story, so I began to write prompts in my journal. Like...what if my flowers grew faster than the weeds, or what if my Morkie was a miniature polor bear, (that's another story.....ha!), or what if the moon decided to come out and play with the sun! It's a beginning. This little guy is Mr. Willie Nelson, (no realation to the other one!). He is the newest addition to our family. He's no bigger than a minute, and as sweet as can be.