Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quilts & a Hummingbird

 Stella made this throw for a niece's wedding. After I gave it back to her she was having second thoughts about giving it away! Do you have a hard time giving your quilts away after you make them? Do you deem some people as not "quilt worthy"? :) That subject has come up many times with my customers. You put your time and hard work, and yes, sometimes blood into the quilts you make, and they end up in the dog bed. I've learned that when you give them away, you've got to let them go!!

 This is what the back of that quilt looks like. I enjoyed
 quilting this one.

 Angie made this one for her mom. Another fun quilt. The fabric designer is Tula Pink. She has some fun, fun, fun fabric designs. You can check out some more of her fabrics and patterns here.
 Sharon chose some great fabrics with this one! Juice came downstairs while I was quilting it, and her reaction was, "Wow, that's cool!" I get all kinds of reactions from my kids about the quilts I do. I just love that they even have an opinion!

This is a little hummingbird that paid a visit. Juice and I were sitting on the front porch a couple weeks back and a hummingbird flew right up to her. She was wearing a pink tshirt. I thought to myself that I should buy a butterfly bush, and just maybe we can get more sightings. Well, the following weekend there was an art fair in town on the square, and a couple that owns a little farm were selling perennials. I found this butterfly bush and brought it home. It was still sitting on the side porch, and I went outside to go to the car, and thought a bee was buzzing around it. After taking a closer look, I realized that it was a hummingbird about 1½" big.  I got a few great shots of it. What a gift!

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