Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snowfall...and a quilt to go with it

This is what we've been dealing with since Friday. I live near Lake Erie and this area gets lake effect snow. We live 40 miles southwest of the lake, and got punched pretty good. Now the peeps closer to Cleveland, and parts east have received upwards of three feet of snow.
I started this quilt on a sewing weekend that some quilty friends and I go to every year. I just finished putting the binding on last night. My first 2101 finish! The quilt was inspired by Marit's quilt Check out her site, she does some pretty awesome quilts.

Have a great day......keep warm. We're supposed to have a break in the snow tomorrow, then more lake effect until Saturday. Another excuse to stay home and sew, (like we really need one! Ha!)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!! (and my first two deliveries of the year!

Pat made this beautiful stained glass wallhanging. I outlined all of the glass blocks, and fit feathers in the sashing. This was a fun quilt to do! As it was being quilted, I was looking at all of the different fabrics that Regi included, and found lots that I used when I was making quilts 20 years ago. It brought back memories of quilts from way back when, not to mention a couple of jumpers that I made for my daughter.
Speaking of making memories, it's a new year, and I plan on making lots of new memories with my kids. They are all getting older, (I'm not!!), and are starting to build lives of their own, and I don't think that I'm ready for this. My oldest will be graduating in May with a double masters. It only seems like yesterday.......