Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A New Baby on the Way!

My oldest niece Jessica is having a baby!! The little bundle of joy is expected to hit the shores of Lake Erie some time in February. We are all excited for her.
At last count, this will be my mom's 7th great grandchild! Hopefully, I didn't forget anyone!
Here is a picture of the quilt that I made for her. It was an American Jane Pattern, and the fabric line was called "Punctuation", by Moda.The quilting pattern is moon and stars, which I have nicknamed, "Sweet Dreams". I've always told my children that if mom isn't near when you need her, take your quilt, and wrap it tightly around you. You will then have a hug from the momma.

So, just to make sure this new precious one has enough hugs, I've also crocheted an afghan for him. (Yes, we know it's a him. I'm bummed about that. There are so few surprises in this world, I think that the gender of a new baby should be left to find out for the special day!)

May the Lord bless you and keep you Jess, may His face shine upon you, and bring you peace!
I know the joy is on it's way!

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amy said...

Beautiful quilt! I really like that fabric. The afghan is so pretty. We were going to let our first child be a surprise....but then couldn't take the suspense!