Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!! (and my first two deliveries of the year!

Pat made this beautiful stained glass wallhanging. I outlined all of the glass blocks, and fit feathers in the sashing. This was a fun quilt to do! As it was being quilted, I was looking at all of the different fabrics that Regi included, and found lots that I used when I was making quilts 20 years ago. It brought back memories of quilts from way back when, not to mention a couple of jumpers that I made for my daughter.
Speaking of making memories, it's a new year, and I plan on making lots of new memories with my kids. They are all getting older, (I'm not!!), and are starting to build lives of their own, and I don't think that I'm ready for this. My oldest will be graduating in May with a double masters. It only seems like yesterday.......

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