Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet Sixteen & The Eagles

Sixteen years ago today, the Eagles, (the greatest band in the world, JMHO), were scheduled to perform their "When Hell Freezes Over" concert in Cleveland. One of my girlfriends wanted me to go with her. It was my dream to see The Eagles in concert. I was pregnant with my fifth baby, and it was due on June 20th. I had a feeling it wasn't going to happen because all of my babies ended up being born well past their due dates. She begged me to go, thinking I would have already had this baby. I declined thinking that even if I did have the baby, I really wouldn't be in good enough condition to attend a concert at an outside stadium. Anyways, I thought there'd be another farewell tour sometime! :>)

It just so happened, that on that dark and stormy Friday night, the night of the concert, my little angel was born. I often tease her about making me miss the concert. She just smiles, and knows that I would have rather been no where else that evening.

Happy Birthday my little angel, I love you so.


vivian said...

You and my DH think alike! He loves the Eagles! It's a good thing you passed on that concert!:)

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

AWWWH! Happy Birthday from me and B!

Lizzie said...

We had tickets to that same tour here in Melbourne (was it really that long ago?) and they cancelled due I think to ill health?? Anyway, we didn't get to see them BUT they're coming to Melbourne in December I think, lining up for those I can tell you.......!!!