Thursday, September 15, 2011

June's Little Village

June is a wonderful quiltmaker. She is at home working on traditional quilts as well as art quilts. When she gave me this one to quilt I was a little apprehensive. I thought to myself, oh my! What am I going to do here? (Even though I've been quilting professionally for 12 years, I still get a little nervous sometimes ;)!) After getting over the intimidation of June's amazing work, I got to it, and didn't stop until it was finished. Actually, it was rather simple, just time consuming. I did a lot of SID, a little bit of background work, and just let the quilt tell me what I should do. I took it off the machine, and hung it up to take a picture. When I looked at it from across the room it was hard to tell it wasn't a photograph. On delivery day, she received a lot of ohh's and ahh's at the shop.

Good work June!!

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