Sunday, March 4, 2012

Linen and a Winner!

I've had it in my head for awhile that I've wanted to do something with linen. This was my first attempt. It was a bit tricky to work with. That extra strip of fabric on the side was not in the plan. I felt like the more I trimmed the top to make it straight, the more crooked it got. After botching it up, I decided to add that strip down the side, actually ended up liking it. One of those "happy accidents". I plan on quilting this one with horizontal and vertical lines. I'm thinking gray thread, but then adding some hand quilting in between a few of the lines using a varigated embroidery thread. The color I want is in my head, the tricky part will be to find it!

I was a bit concerned about quilting it. This fabric doesn't have the body that cotton fabric does. Cotton fabric will stay where you put it, and this linen moved if a fly flew across it. My worries came to an end after quilting this one below. Linda made this quilt for her daughter. She wanted the whole top made out of linen, top and backing. It loaded up pretty easily, and quilted beautifully. I used a 100% wool to get some loft.

The winner of "Sonoma Rose" is................
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Monica said...

oh my gosh - did I win? Thanks!