Monday, December 3, 2012

O Christmas Tree!!!

So, yesterday we went on our annual Christmas tree hunt. As gloomy as it looks, it was actually pretty nice. We have gone tree hunting in snow storms, rain, freezing rain, mud, you name it, we've done it.  We weren't having much luck.
Either the tree was too fat,

too thin,

too crooked,

or, too tall! Actually, way too tall!!

We must have walked for 45 minutes before we found it. A beautiful blue spruce. It seems lots of the trees looked good on the outside, but the insides were pretty much dead. This one had no bare spots anywhere. It was perfect. The trunk didn't even need to be trimmed down to make sure it was straight.
Juice made the first cut...

 ....and the lumberjacks carried it to the truck.... be continued.


madorazio said...

Looked like so much fun! You got a nice tree!!
Loved the pictures..

madorazio said...

So glad I finally got to your blog!
Love the "atmosphere!" Fun to see and read about your quilts. You are a blessing Linda!