Friday, January 23, 2009

My Works in Progress

This blog started off as a gallery of my customer quilts. After perusing the many quilting blogs out there on January 1st, and seeing all of the quilts listed that people finished in 2008, I thought that I should get on the ball and finish some of my works in progress. Two weeks ago we were going through a big winter storm, so I was house bound all weekend. What a perfect time to start! The quilt on the top is one that I started last year in March. The one on the bottom is one that I started about 1 1/2 years ago. Both of the tops are finished. The good part will be when I can get them on the machine to get quilted. Customer quilts first!!

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Amy said...

Hi Linda -
So glad you want to swap squares with our little group. Would you please send me your email address and your mailing address and I'll add you to the list. We're at 12 people now - I'm going to wait a day or so and see if we get to 15 before I send out the final list. Happy to have you on board. - Amy