Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Did you know that there are only 83 days until Halloween? It can take it's good old time. I am in no hurry! I can hardly believe that it's August already. This summer has gone so quickly. Way too fast!!

Kathy sure is ready for Halloween!! She's always ready. She brought me three more quilts with that very theme. I lost count already of how many I have quilted for her.

 She will use this one as a tablecloth, so I quilted it a little heavier than normal. You can see the pattern on the picture below. Spiderwebs!

 You've got to love these wonky log cabins, and that background polkadot. I'm sure that will look great draped over a chair!  

I've already got a couple of Christmas quilts in the cue!! Maybe one day I'll make one of my own!!
*another note from a friend!! (can you believe it? three in one week! I just love getting mail!)
*barbecued pulled pork
*hearing an old favorite song

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