Monday, March 16, 2009

Robin's Flower Garden

I wish you could see this quilt in person. Robin paper-pieced all of the flowers. I took it to the quilt shop on Saturday to give it to her daughter, and I held it up for the gals to see, and they thought the flowers were appliqued. There were so many tiny, tiny, (did I say tiny) pieces in each of the flowers.
I quilted a little background filler consisting of leaves, and swirly vines behind all of the flowers.

Outlined the pointy flowers....

and quilted the more round flowers so they would pop.

I quilted pebbles in the path.

Hours and hours of pebbles, and leaves....

and a few violets in the walkway. Spring has arrived!!


Sara said...

What pretty flowers! They do look small! Its so beautiful!

Amy said...

Beautiful flowers! The swirly vines and leaves--WOW!