Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Round Robin & Victoria's Quilt

Last week Victoria, (bumblebeans), sent me her 9-Patch, and today I sent it back all quilted. Glad to be able to help you out Victoria.

I belong to North Coast Needlers. It is the one of largest quilting guilds in Northeast Ohio, if not the whole state. Six of us are participating in a Round Robin. This one is a little different that other ones I have participated in. We are to start with three blocks instead of a medallion or center block. One of the blocks is to be 12" finished, and the other two could be 6" finished, or 3"x 12" finished. We'll I will get them back in eight months. These are the blocks that I started off with. We will each take turns adding blocks to the others' quilt, and when the blocks are finished the owner will come up with a pleasing arrangement and sew them together.


Sara said...

Those quilt blocks are great! I love the colors in them! It was nice to meet you today!

Amy said...

Wow that's amazing. I love seeing the finished product of so many different pieces from all over. Thank you for quilting it!

amandajean said...

how nice of you to quilt that for victoria! i love that quilt!!!