Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#manquilter & GenerationQ Magazine

One of my favorite things is watching my children do the things they love. Another one of my favorite things is to be involved with them.

 My oldest, Dan, is an architect.  He is also a quilt designer. It kind of goes hand in hand. We started working together after he graduated from college. I have a computerized quilting machine, and with his knowledge of CAD, he began designing quilting patterns for me. He also began designing and making quilts. When he left for Seattle, he took my Bernina Patchwork 140 with him. (Oh, don't feel sorry for me, it gave me an excuse to buy a new one!!!) 

One day he sends me CAD drawings of three quilts, each made with one quilt block. I was impressed! I sent him a message back, and told him he should send this in to a quilting magazine, and that was the beginning of his quilting career. His first quilt to be published is called ModSquare Revolution. It's in the summer 2014 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited.

Well, he's done it again!! I sent him a jelly roll, (what a gift for your son, right?!), and he came up with a quilt that he calls "Candy Stripe". This one has been published in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Generation Q Magazine.

It's so great to be able to share something that you love, with a special someone that you love!!



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